Welcome back, tea enthusiasts. In this article, we’re exploring matcha tea safety. Let’s discuss the safest and unsafest matcha to drink. Grab a cup of tea and let’s dive in! Or perhaps, wait until you finish reading and then take your tea.

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Matcha tea has gained popularity for its unique flavor and potential health benefits. Safety is crucial when choosing matcha due to concerns about contaminants like lead.

Lead is notorious for affecting matcha tea safety.

Japan or China?

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Sourcing matcha from Japan is generally considered the safest option. Japan has strict regulations and quality control for tea production, ensuring the safety of matcha leaves.

Reputable Japanese matcha brands conduct regular testing for contaminants, including lead. Look for brands that provide third-party testing information for added assurance.

There are concerns about matcha from China regarding lead contamination. That’s because China burns almost half the world’s coal, leading to heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, being released into the atmosphere. Exercise caution and find a reliable supplier that conducts thorough testing for contaminants. If considering matcha from China, research and find a reputable supplier with verifiable testing results for contaminants like lead.

Bottom Line of Matcha Tea Safety

Sourcing matcha from Japan offers confidence in quality and safety. When choosing matcha from China, ensure a reliable supplier tests for contaminants.

There are quite a few reputable matcha companies out there. Most of them have Japanese suppliers. Jade Leaf Matcha is one such company that offers safe culinary-grade matcha for affordable prices. Affiliate link (may provide more discount). Regular link.

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