About My Mission

It’s something everybody wants. Guaranteed.

What if you could be happy no matter what happens? A happiness that surpasses any previous feelings of joy you’ve ever known? A sense of calm and serenity in which you can truly find refuge?

When I published my book Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye, I created this website so that people could look up some information if they wanted to.

Because the book focuses on the benefits of a plant-based diet, I later expanded my efforts to include articles, YouTube videos, and an incredibly extensive plant-based guide. This guide is not only great for beginners but also for those already embracing a plant-based or vegan lifestyle. I am committed to keeping this guide up-to-date, as I believe it can offer significant benefits to many.

While I enjoy sharing content that enhances the quality of life, my ultimate priority is guiding others toward happiness independent of external circumstances. Why? Because this is what everyone truly wants.

Everything we do, we do in the name of happiness. It’s the motivation behind choosing a specific field of study, pursuing a particular job, forming a family, spending time with friends, watching movies, seeking entertainment, attending parties, taking walks in the forest, etc.

That’s why I started the website unconditionalhappiness.org.

Initially, I believed I could handle both websites at the same time, but I was a bit too naive. Because of my other responsibilities, I can only really focus on one website. I have chosen to focus more time on unconditionalhappiness.org because that is far more important I feel. I will keep jorgwijnen.com up-to-date, though, but I won’t add any new articles and videos.

The sole purpose of unconditionalhappiness.org

The sole purpose of this website is to help others realize and cultivate a happiness that is not dependent on anything external. Not dependant on how others treat you, not dependant on your job, your house, your clothes, your freedom, your holidays, your children, your parents, your brothers and your sisters, your friends, your health, your money, etc.

Although I have not fully reached that goal myself, I can confidently say that there is a degree of happiness present that is unshakable. It is not comparable to anything else I had ever experienced before. It does not fade despite the endless challenges life throws at me – perhaps at an even higher degree than before. In fact, as my understanding grows, so does this happiness. This happiness is a realization.

A realization of how the mind is on an endless quest to fill a void, and to find lasting satisfaction – through family, friends, work, money, going places, etc. The mind is in constant pursuit of finding happiness. But has it ever truly gotten hold of it? Don’t you always need those things again? Is one time is never enough?

True happiness can never be attained when you must rely on the world we live in. A world that does not, and cannot, function in the way you wish it to. Therefore, a search for happiness can never be completed. You’ll never be able to say one day, “Okay, I am completely happy now. My job is done.”
That is, until your back starts aching, your meal tastes “bad,” or somebody doesn’t treat you with respect or dignity. Where is that happiness then?

What if …
you could just live your life like you do now, but at the same time not depend on any of those things for your happiness?
You don’t need to stop aspiring for things or set aside any of your goals. You can keep doing all of that. But, what if …
regardless of whether or not you achieve your goals, you can be happier than ever before?

Have you ever wondered why the same thing can make two different people feel completely different? How is that possible?
It’s because they hold different perceptions. The perception your mind holds is what truly matters.
When the mind perceives that happiness is attainable in the external world, it will forever be seeking that, to no end.

Yet, when it finally perceives happiness is not out there but has always been there within, it will stop doing the impossible and start enjoying true happiness.

The articles and exercises on this website are written to get to that exact perception. That requires a deep understanding of the workings of the mind and how it experiences the world. It requires an open-mind, patience, and determination.