About My Mission

It’s something everybody wants. Guaranteed.

Pandemics and Failures

In 2020, when I wrote Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye at the beginning of the pandemic, my sincere, and perhaps slightly naive, intention was to reassure everyone that there was no reason to fear. I firmly believe, even now, that by making the right choices, we can significantly improve our health and strengthen our precious immune systems. My message aimed to counter the widespread fear caused by the unknowns surrounding the pandemic, exacerbated by fear-inducing media that rarely mentioned the existence of our incredible immune system

Yes, looking back, I realize I was a bit naive. Not so much about my health vision, but about the steps required to spread the message once the writing was done. Researching and writing the book was surprisingly easy, although time-consuming. But when it came to marketing it, I was completely out of my element. I’ve always been more of a creator than someone who promotes their work. I felt completely overwhelmed, and my approach didn’t yield the results I had hoped for. Financially speaking, this project can definitely be considered a failure. However, I’m grateful that there are quite a few people who have benefited from it, so I can’t say it was a total failure.

I’m Not Interested in Marketing My Book Anymore

To be honest, while I still believe my book holds great value, I have lost interest in marketing it. You might be wondering, “Then what is the purpose of this website?” Well, the truth is, I’m not genuinely interested in having this website either. Okay, that might sound a bit contradictory, but let me explain. I did put in a significant amount of time and effort to build it up myself, and now I simply need more time to maintain it. However, what I want to convey is that the website is merely a means to an end. My ultimate life’s mission is infinitely more important. In fact, it is so crucial that I feel it justifies having this site. I understand it may sound ironic and confusing, and for that, I apologize. Let me clarify what I mean:

I can’t monetize my life’s mission. You see, that would be ethically wrong as you’ll hopefully understand in a moment. However, I still need a way to support myself while pursuing and sharing my mission. That’s where this website comes in. My background in nutrition and dietetics allows me to create valuable content that helps people lead healthier lives. I’m fully committed to making a genuine and impactful contribution with the time I have. It’s an honor to improve someone’s quality of life, but that’s not my ultimate goal. My true aim is to address the fundamental desire that drives all human actions—happiness. Whether people aspire to be the healthiest version of themselves, pursue family life, travel, accumulate wealth, and knowledge, or try to find their life’s purpose, they do it only because they believe it can bring them happiness.

A Mission I’ll Pursue Until My Last Day

At the start of 2022, my life completely changed. To be more precise, my perception of life. What changed exactly? I started seeing the mind and the world we live in for what they truly are. That resulted in many changes that literally took place overnight (though the groundwork was laid long before). I stopped dwelling on negative thoughts, I developed infinitely more compassion for every single being, even the ones who have harmed me or mistreated me, I stopped watching porn, I stopped getting lost in YouTube rabbit holes, movie rabbit holes, and I started experiencing a happiness that has never ever left me since that moment. A happiness that remained unaffected by whatever else happened in my life and that far exceeded anything I had ever experienced before. It was always there in the background, even in the midst of unwanted situations. I’ve managed to nurture this happiness, despite the vicissitudes of life, career and financial difficulties, and physical struggles that prevent me from going out like regular people because I can’t sit without pain (due to an accident). Yes, I can’t do the most normal thing in the world. Everybody takes it for granted. Yet, I’ve never ever been happier.

I clearly see how to develop this happiness further. Happiness that’s completely independent of anything external. That’s exactly the opposite of the common perception we have of happiness. Our whole lives we try our best to get the things we want, spend time with the people we love, have a meaningful career and family life, and shape anything else according to our wishes. We put ALL our happiness in the hands of others and in external events and situations hoping that they will behave in the way that we want. So when anything happens in any of those areas that don’t line up with our wishes, unhappiness arises. More often than not, we point our finger outwards blaming either someone else or some external event. The problem is not there on the outside. It is right there in our own mind. It’s the perception we hold in our own mind. Our thoughts and feelings arise according to that perception. My mind never dwells on negative things anymore, because that perception has changed.

Because of the incorrect perception we always need to ensure to have, keep and maintain everything around us in a certain way. While it is important to acknowledge our responsibilities in caring for society, the environment, and our family, the issue lies in the fact that our happiness becomes completely dependent on these external factors. Consequently, we continuously strive to attain happiness—we find ourselves constantly seeking something outside of ourselves or remaining vigilant for external circumstances that can provide temporary relief from the feeling of unsatisfactoriness or unhappiness. We are searching because we want to be happy. When you want to be happy, un-happy becomes the default state. If that sounds far-fetched, let me ask you this:
How would you feel if you had no more work, your loved ones died, and/or your health fell apart? Does your happiness not depend on these things?

If that’s too much, let’s consider for a moment the little things in life. After all, It’s the little things in life that make us happy, as the “saying” goes. Why do we go out with our friends? Why do we want to watch a movie, or listen to music? Why do we go to a party, have a trip to the museum, go out in nature, or go on a holiday? Don’t we do those things because we believe they contribute to our happiness? Why else would we do any of these? That means we’re always trying to be happy because you’re either happy or you’re trying to be happy. In other words, the feeling of happiness that we want always needs to be sought somewhere. Therefore, a “lesser state” is our normal or default state of mind. A mind that is never truly satisfied.

What if you could be happy no matter what happens? A happiness that surpasses any previous feelings of joy you’ve ever known? A sense of calm and serenity in which you can truly find refuge?

I may not know much about you but what I do know is this: From the moment you entered this world, your innate pursuit has always been to seek happiness. But to this day, your happiness still relies on how the world around you behaves. And it never quite behaves in the way you want, does it? And there’s always that feeling that manages to surface once in a while, that something is not completely right or that something’s missing.

Since the profound shift in my mind and the experience of unconditional happiness, I have felt immense compassion toward others. I feel it’s my responsibility to share this in the best way that I can, until the day I die. I know I have many limitations, and I know that many will not bother listening to what I have to say (I’d be a little surprised if many people even manage to read this far in). However, it’s not a matter of choice. I simply HAVE TO pursue this. And I can’t charge a dime, because everyone has a right to know. I honestly don’t care if you’re my mother, my wife, my friend, or an absolute stranger. It is a moral obligation I have to fulfill.

The Deeper Purpose of this Website

I can’t expect to live off people’s charity. So I want to do my best and create health content that is useful and offers options for people to purchase relevant or beneficial products/services that I personally stand behind. These products could either add convenience to one’s life or contribute to living a healthier life. As I’ve said, our perception of happiness is not correct, so let’s be honest: none of the products I offer can ever make you truly happy. However, they can alleviate some worries and allow people to focus more on developing the correct perception of happiness. While I’m unsure if this strategy (running this website to fund this mission) is the best one, it’s the approach I’ve come up with so far. I’m open to suggestions and feedback. I could also stick to a day job, but that would take away too much time from working on what truly matters to me—creating materials that help people understand the reality of the mind and foster the right perception necessary for unconditional happiness. Even if only a few people listen to what I have to say and put it into practice, transforming their lives, it would be all worth it.

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I’m committed to investing any spare time I have in this unconditionalhappiness.org, but I can’t estimate how quickly I can build it up. What content can you expect?
Content solely revolves around cultivating the mind’s perception of true happiness and building the foundation to achieve that. Furthermore, I will provide practical yet essential exercises that should be applied in real life, serving as the building blocks of this foundation.