My Health Toolkit offers various free, trusted, and credible tools and courses that can empower you on your health journey.
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Tool #1: Cronometer

Calculate your protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals with the best – and free – online calculator that I know of: Cronometer.

Tool #2: Free Online Plant-Based Programs & Courses

Wishing to add more (varied) plant-based meals to your arsenal? My favorite certified plant-based chef and her husband doctor, Kim & Carlos from Brownble, have several free plant-based courses. You can actually try out EVERYTHING for free.

Brownble online vegan cooking classes and courses
  • Free Breakfast/Brunch course: Start your day just right with this lifetime free video course!
  • The Roadmap: The ultimate guide to plant-based living with tons of recipes. (Free trial).
  • Free Tofu Mastery course: Non-GMO tofu can be of many kinds. Learn how to prepare any of them according to your own wishes.
  • MELT (Nut Cheese course): Amazing how many kinds of cheese you can make from nuts, from cream cheese to aged cheese (Free trial).
  • My Brownble: An online video membership program with access to an ever-growing recipe bank! (Free trial).
  • Could you make anybody else happy with these? Well, send some as a gift!

What I sincerely appreciate about Kim and Carlos’ is that they have an inclusive mindset and realize that there’s no “one-size-fits-all.”
If you want to learn more about them or their courses/program, you can follow one of the two links below. The first link is an affiliate link. If you happen to purchase something within 30 days or so, I’ll receive a small bonus at no extra cost to you.
The second link is a regular link. Please click any of them according to your own judgment.
Check out the gallery below for some of their recipes!

Tool #3: Organic Meal Service (US only)

Perhaps not exactly a tool, but it is convenient! Praised by Alicia Silverstone, Vegin’out supplies mostly weekly organic vegan/plant-based menus so you won’t have to think about what to eat for an entire week! They cater to your specific dietary needs as well.

This link offers a 20% discount on your first order (affiliate link).
This link is a regular link but may not offer any discount.

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